Child support

Many married couples decide to stay in their malfunctioning marriages because divorce would burden their children and make parenting quite difficult. (Un)fortunately, some spouses decide to end their marriage nevertheless, facing afterwards all the difficulties of a single parent rising children.

child-visitation-divorceWhen family law judges process these kind of divorce cases, they have to determine child support – the amount of money that noncustodial parent is obligated by family law to pay periodically to the custodian. Child support is a financial help coming from one parent, meant to pay for child’s basic living expenses. It should cover costs of food, clothing, house, education, medical bills. Mark E. Mitzner child custody lawyer orange county is dedicated to helping clients with all child custody matters throughout Orange County.
When discussing child support with parties of a divorce, the family court considers many variables: child’s age and financial needs, average income of parents and the estimated living standard child would have had if there wasn’t for a divorce.

The amount varies according to the specification of each case and some laws vary from state to state.

family-law-johnston-county-623x600Family laws in different states usually differ at few aspects. Most of the states consider that the non custodial parent should finance only his / hers biological child, though some states impose financial duties even towards stepchildren. Most states foresee financial help until the child is 18, but there are some exceptions to this rule. There are ongoing debates on whether the obligator should pay for child’s higher education, such as college costs. Also, there are some disagreements among family law courts considering child support in the case of the obligator’s death.
Some states order certain determined amount of money, whilst other order precise percentage of parent’s incomes.

child-custodyMost of the family courts follow quite strict rules and foresee serious penalties if the obligator refuses or neglects paying child support. Family law uses different enforcement methods in these cases, since the children’s benefit is one of the highest priorities of every society.

Author: Graciela Vanhorne

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