When divorce is inevitable

t seems that the old saying “till the death do us apart” has become quite old-fashioned way of thinking nowadays, considering overall growing rate of legally terminated marriages. Though it seems that modern age degraded relations between people and the divorce became common thing, divorce remains tough and emotionally disturbing event for those who experience it. Depending on many circumstances, divorce can be more or less traumatic and ugly procedure, especially if the issues are resolved in the courtroom.
There are plenty reasons why people decide to end the marriage. The most common are: infidelity, addictions, domestic violence or simple “incompatibility” of partners. Depending on the legal system of the state partners live in, a person asking for a divorce may or may not be obligated to verify the reason for divorce, proving that partner has done something wrong. So called “no fault” divorce states do not require this step.

images (8)Generally speaking, there are two way to file for divorce. The first one consists of spouses filing a joint petition for divorce. These couples are usually capable of achieving compromise about every issue in their case without the intervention of the family law court. These processes end quickly and spouses usually don’t have to appear in a courtroom. Criminal attorney merrillville lawyers can help you with filing the lawsuit.

Divorce+LawWhen splitting becomes turbulent and spouses do not agree on too many things, they can file for divorce separately. This is called filing a complaint for divorce and it triggers more complex legal process where the court and judge will have a final word. This leads to several hearing in a row in front of the family law judge and the major decisions regarding a divorce made by a court.

divorce-and-legal-separationBefore official termination of a marriage, there are numerous matters that need to be discussed and resolved. The spouses need to reach an agreement on how to divide their property, debts included, whether the alimony will be awarded and what amount of money will it be…Particularly delicate questions rise in divorce cases involving children. The family court has to decide about the custody, visitations, child support, insurances and many other things.
All of these matters are complex and the whole terrain is often emotionally charged. The family court needs to approach gently to the subjects and it’s always easier and more efficient if spouses are ready to work along and go through the divorce process in a rational and calm manner.

Author: Graciela Vanhorne

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