Types of cases family law deals with

Types of cases family law deals with

Family law is a wide area of law that handles all kinds of domestic problems, typically regarding three entities: spouses, parents and children. Family cases are often very complex and emotionally charged and require delicate professional guiding of the process in order to bring just resolving of the problem. Family law is divided into numerous different fields, splitting all of them into two major groups of cases: the marriage – related family law cases and other family law cases.


The marriage – related cases refer to divorce and separation, child support and custody, name changes, prenuptial (or postnuptial) contracts and paternity determinations. The second group of family related cases includes wide range of matters, such as adoptions and surrogacy, visitations and restraining orders, guardianships, emancipation and juvenile delinquencies.

padre-con-la-piccola-figlia-50261790One of the most frequent family law cases are marriage endings. When deciding to determine a marriage, a person files a case at the family court asking for the legal system to guide the procedure of marriage dissolution. The court can terminate the marriage by divorce, annulment or separation, depending on many circumstances specific for each case. Many broken marriages lead into another type of family law cases – child custody, visitations and alimony issues. In spite of existing rules and laws, every case is specific and it takes compassionate, but objective approach in order to settle these matters in a just and an equitable manner.

Family law courts also handle all kind of cases regarding child custody by the unmarried parents, the procedure of child adopting or guardianship, when the court assigns a person responsible to take care of a child or an adult unable to take care of themselves. If a man needs to prove paternity or a person is asking for a legal protection from domestic violence or if children abuse is an issue, the family law and family courts are also institutions people can turn to.

Family law often deals with marriage counseling and similar psychological support programs, always providing parties of a case with different consulting and helping courses, encouraging both sides to settle the problems out of court, if possible.

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