Clarence Darrow

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As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever.

Calvin Coolidge was the greatest man who ever came out of Plymouth Corner, Vermont.

Even if you do learn to speak correct English, whom are you going to speak it to?

I am a friend of the working man, and I would rather be his friend, than be one.

I am an agnostic; I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of.

Just think of the tragedy of teaching children not to doubt.

Physical deformity, calls forth our charity. But the infinite misfortune of moral deformity calls forth nothing but hatred and vengeance.

The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents and the last half by our children.

The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, and the second half by our children.

The pursuit of truth shall set you free - even if you never catch up with it.

There is no such thing as justice--in or out of court.